Welcome to the SAFEX e-Learning Portal

What is the SAFEX e-Learning Portal?
The e-learning Programmes SAFEX develops are hosted on this Portal as illustrated in the sketch below. Each Programme has its own objective and may be made up of different Modules. Participants in our e-learning Programmes can access the Modules of their choice from this Portal.

If you want to find out more about the Programmes that are available, what they entail and how to participate in them, kindly click on the relevant question below:

What Programmes are available?

SAFEX's e-Learning Programmes are an essential part of promoting explosives competence, a crucial element of SAFEX's strategy. The Programmes focus on the sustainable manufacture of explosives and will evolve along with the needs of its Members. Where SAFEX Members have developed relevant e-learning programmes of their own and are willing to make them available to SAFEX on a mutually beneficial basis, SAFEX has gratefully included them in its portfolio of Programmes. The suite of Programmes comprises the following. You may find out more about each Programme by clicking on its name.

  • SAFEXplosives Management is a programme aimed at providing explosives leaders at all levels a solid explosives operations foundation. When complete, the Programme will comprise 8 Modules of which the Basis of Safety (BoS) Module is the first.
  • Programme 2
  • Etc.

Who may participate?

The SAFEX e-Learning Programmes are directed in the first place at SAFEX Members. However, where possible, SAFEX would like to make them available to the broader industry in the interests of explosives safety.

What does participation entail?

SAFEX Member companies (called the "Company" hereafter) can purchase as many "user credits" as they require. One "user credit" will entitle one employee to participate in one module of any of the Programmes on offer for 3 years from the date the credit is first used. This will allow the employee to do refresher training on that specific module. The Company is responsible to appoint a Company Administrator to administer the "user credits" it purchases within its own company. Interested participants who are not employed by a Member company can contact the SAFEX Secretariat who will arrange the necessary "user credits" for them.
A "user credit" (per person per module) will cost:

  • SAFEX Members: EUR 100.00
  • Non-members: EUR 250.00

How do I register my company on the system?

A Company can only be registered by the SAFEX Contact of a Member Company or the person designated by the Contact as the Company Administrator for the SAFEX e-Learning Portal. If you are not the SAFEX Contact or the designated Company Administrator, kindly complete the Request Form under "How can I participate?" below and we will contact the relevant person in your Company.

If you are the Company Administrator and would like to register your company on the SAFEX e-Learning Portal, please complete and submit the Company Registration Form below. SAFEX will then process the registration request and arrange payment for the number of user credits (user licenses) that you have requested.

Company registration form:

How can I participate?

If you are interested in participating in any of the modules of the SAFEX e-Learning Programmes, kindly contact your Company Administrator or complete and submit the following Form. SAFEX will then pass it onto your Company Administrator who will contact you.

Request form:

How is the data I provide protected?

To complete any module of the SAFEX e-Learning Programmes, SAFEX needs to pass minimal personal details - your name, company name, your position and email address only - to Cranfield University. This data will not be disclosed to any other third parties and will only be held so that you can complete the modules. Any information about you will be held securely by Cranfield University, in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and will not be used for any other purpose other than for use concerning e-Learning Programmes. For more information on the SAFEX International data protection policy please contact SAFEX.

To start, log in using the online access details emailed to you from admin@safex-training.org. If you need a reminder of your access details please use our 'Forgotten Password' option. After successfully completing the assessment you will receive a certificate right away recording your results.

Your Feedback

We are very interested in improving the Portal and the SAFEX International e-Learning Programmes and will value any feedback you'd like to offer. Please email your comments to admin@safex-training.org..