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SAFEXplosives Management
This Programme will set participants on the road to run explosives operations safely and efficiently. It is an attempt to counter the erosion of experience that traditionally existed in the leadership roles of explosives operations. It also recognises that explosives companies are often obliged to bring managers at all levels into these roles from outside the industry. Persons who should participate in this Programme include: explosives managers and supervisors at any level as well as HSE professionals who require a solid explosives operations foundation. The Programme modules which focus on the particular needs of explosives operations can be graphically illustrated as follows:

  • Basis of Safety. Good explosives practices and implementing risk controls to prevent unplanned events.
  • Explosives Regulation. An overview of the general principles, methods of compliance, etc. (Under development)
  • Risk Management. The essentials of risk identification, assessment and control in an explosives context. (Under development)
  • Permits to Work. Decontamination and understanding the essentials of a good permit system. (Under development)
  • Management of Change. Implementing change in processes, plant and procedures responsibly. (Under development)
  • Materials Management. How to handle raw materials, semi-products, products, contamination, out-of-spec materials and waste disposal of explosives materials. (Under development)
  • Emergency & Crisis Management. What to do when things go wrong to minimise the consequences (business and other). (Under development)
  • Incident Reporting & Investigation. How to conduct an incident investigation and helpful tools, e.g., the SAFEX database. (Under development)